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We are committed to a sustainable future with architectural flexibility and style.

All products are suitable for new builds or retrofitting.

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About Us

Sonnenschutz is a company born out of need, and proud of supplying solutions that WORK.

In 2009, after the ‘Black Saturday’ fires in Victoria, new standards were introduced for building in bushfire prone areas. In industry testing of products to the new standard, it became quickly apparent there were no window products that could comply with the new BAL FZ (Flame Zone) requirements.

We developed and tested our BAL FZ shutter system, passing the AS1530.8.2 test in February 2010, and having supplied thousands of shutters since, we are still the only shutter system to pass this test.

Since 2009, we have expanded to include dealing with many challenges for shading and security also. The criteria for adding a product to our business though is always ‘is this product the most cost effective way to solve the customer’s problem’? Whether it be for bushfire, shading or security, you can be sure that Sonnenschutz will have the best solution for your project.