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We are committed to a sustainable future with architectural flexibility and style.

All products are suitable for new builds or retrofitting.

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Exterior Shutters to suit any style

Window shading in Australia is historically overlooked in building design. This is likely due to our UK building heritage. Had we been colonised by the Spanish or French, shading would have been a default part of our architecture!

This leaves most Australian homes prone to overheating in summer, and excessively reliant on air conditioning to maintain internal temperatures. Air conditioning also drys the air, leaving you prone to respiratory irritation.

A home with lots of natural light is a great asset, until the middle of summer when it is 40° in the lounge room!

We employ solar design principles and tools to assess your needs, and then recommend the solutions you need to fix the problems. We stand by our work to deliver real results, increasing your comfort while reducing your cooling bills.

Talk to us about your needs, and see our gallery for our broad range of shading solutions.

Light InfiltrationLight Infiltration

                                         Daylight enters the room while the hot sun stays outside


Casement Shutters

Side hung casement shutters or sliding shutters maximise energy savings as they reflect heat and sunlight before it reaches the building itself.

For hundreds of years people in countries around the Mediteranean have used external shutters as protection against the searing sun. This is now a fast growing trend for Australian homes, from the traditional to modern in commercial and residential buildings.

Take Control of Heat and Privacy

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Casement ShuttersCasement Shutters

External Venetian Blinds

Exterior blinds maximise energy savings as they reflect heat and sunlight before it reaches the building itself.

The blades have adjustable slat angles for easy control and regulation between natural light, heat entry and outside views. Either manually or automatically operated, allowing integration with building control systems where required.

Optimum Shading Solutions for commercial and domestic applications

  • 100% block-out when required
  • 100% clear when retracted
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • up to 4000mm drop and 4500mm span per bay
  • up to 100km wind rated
  • integrated roll away flyscreens available with certain options

Take Control of Heat, Light and Privacy 

Please see Gallery for more Images

 External Venetian BlindsExternal Venetian Blinds